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“Make Them Pay” is a campaign to denounce and address outrageous levels of climate injustice. It brings together citizens and scientists from Extinction Rebellion and Scientist Rebellion.

It’s only fair that rich polluters pay for their pollution. The wealthiest in society are responsible for most of our pollution, yet the resulting impacts on our health and of drought, food price rises, unpredictable weather, storms, flooding, and sea level rise etc. are predominantly felt by the poorest.    

However, our society is being run for a wealthy elite who don’t want to pay. We can’t rely on those in power politically and economically to pay for their pollution, without a grassroots movement to demand and apply pressure towards this happening. 

We aim to tackle climate inequality by amplifying the demands of people and areas who are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. In doing so, we also look to platform popular policy recommendations from various Citizens’ Assemblies.  

At a time when government representatives meet at the COP27 meeting in Egypt, we demand strong and immediate action to curb climate injustice. Action must first and foremost target those who are most responsible for the climate emergency: the world’s most wealthy elite, and their sky-high emissions. Addressing injustice will also enable global societies to embark upon fair and effective decarbonization strategies to avoid the worst consequences of climate breakdown.The United Nations Environment Program has just issued a report saying that there is no credible pathway to keep temperatures below a 1.5°C increase from pre-industrial levels. This is not only one of the Paris agreement goals. It is also a natural boundary likely associated with the collapse of several vital ecosystems around the world, as argued by recent scientific research. It is likely that some climate damage is already irreversible.

In order to limit the worst consequences of climate breakdown, we need, now more than ever, collective action.

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